Welcome to Accolade House Montessori School

We hope that as you choose to enroll your child in this great school, you will get to experience first-hand the love, values and warmth embedded in our school culture.

A very exciting journey awaits your child in Accolade House Montessori School as we partner in raising him/her. The road will be filled with joy as you watch your child reach new developmental milestones because we are determined to be an extension of your family, where your child will feel secure to explore his/her environment and unfold to his/her highest intellectual, physical, emotional and social potentials.

Accolade House Montessori School is a renowned school of international standard in academics and morals where children are raised to think independently and love learning.

Established in 2006, Accolade House Montessori School caters for the total well-being of children of ages 6 months to 11 years. We run a purely Montessori curriculum in our preschool and a robust and relevant curriculum in the Primary School. We believe every child is different and as such should be taught differently, leading to a robust curriculum with learning outcomes set to achieve knowledge, enduring ideas, issues, concepts, skills, and attitudes for each subject that properly aligns with the essential tools for the education of the 21st century child.

Our school is adequately staffed with certified, dedicated, seasoned, and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping children unfold and grow. Our staff go over and beyond to reach and make an impact in the lives of all children that come to us. Our environment is both safe and conducive to aid and facilitate learners on their educational journey. Here at Accolade House Montessori School, we understand the importance of teaching children in the way they can easily learn, this concept leads to us to harness the potential of technology in our daily lessons.

We are distinguished, famous, well-known and prominent for effective parent-teacher relationship and we pride ourselves in being a home away from home. We believe that education can best be achieved in partnership with the parents and care-givers, hence we strive to consistently improve our Parent-Teacher-School relationship.

Statement of Purpose

We believe that every child is born with abilities, and has peculiarities and potentials, waiting for the right time and environment to blossom. The process of unfolding is very crucial and requires diligent effort on the part of the adult responsible for nurturing the child. If a child does not attain his optimum potentials, he will not be able to effectively bless mankind with the gifts he came to the world with. He will therefore be like a butterfly which could not fly well because its wings were damaged when someone tried to release it from its cocoon.

That is why in Accolade House Montessori School we do not mold but unfold a child. Our environment is warm with love, rich with nourishment, welcoming and safe. We are committed to providing a warm and nurturing environment to stimulate creative learning and encourage each child to feel secure to explore his/her environment and unfold into a total being.

vision1 Our Vision
To be a renowned school of international standards in academics and morals where children are raised to think independently and love learning.
Little African American Baby Boy Pushing Toy School Bus on White Background Our Mission
Accolade House is committed to providing a warm and nurturing environment that stimulates creative learning and where every child feels secure to unfold into a total being.
new1 Core Values
Our students:
• are enthusiastic and lifelong learners who use knowledge acquired to solve real-life problems within but not limited to their immediate community.
• have the ability to solve problems and this relevance in their learning will prepare them to be the leaders of the future
presechool Our Curriculum
We operate the Montessori Method of Education in the preschool and a blend of the Nigerian and British curricula in our Primary school.
teaching hours
Hours Security
Professional Educators
Extra-curriculum Activities
Years of Excellence

Meet our Staff

All staff have access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.

KS2 Leader
Deputy Head of School
Head of Administration and Finance (HOA)

Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join us today.